These recordings were made possible by grants from the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the University of Southampton.
ATALANTE  ERIN HEADLEY - director Atalante’s vocal soloists, instrumentalists and continuo, with the Brabant Ensemble, directed by Stephen Rice
A portrait of Leonora Baroni, Rome's most celebrated soprano and her singing trio, with her sister Caterina and mother Andreana (a favourite singer of Monteverdi); they accompanied themselves on viola da gamba, lirone, theorbo, triple harp and Spanish guitar. Suave and entwining melodic strands, luscious harmonies and deliciously painful dissonances are hallmarks of the Roman school led by Luigi Rossi. The beguiling and exquisite sonorities of three female voices illustrate the whole of love's spectrum, be it spiritual or worldly. It is hardly surprising that the Roman nobility, cardinals, foreign dignitaries and the Pope himself were enchanted by the magic of private performances presented by the ladies at their Roman villa in the 1630s. Cantatas, trios and laments by Luigi Rossi, Marco Marazzoli, Giacomo Carissimi and Domenico Mazzocchi            
ATALANTE  ERIN HEADLEY - director Katherine Watson and Nadine Balbeisi, sopranos Theodora Baka, mezzo-soprano Siobhán Armstrong, triple harp Jörg Jacobi, harpsichord Erin Headley, viola da gamba and lirone
RELIQUIE DI ROMA IV: Monumental Laments of Domenico Mazzocchi
The Lamento di David and Dialogo della Maddalena by Mazzocchi (1592–1665) are some of the most beautiful and emotionally powerful large-scale laments written for the 17th-century Roman oratory, their solo and choral writing surpassing even that of Carissimi. Equally as impressive, but for smaller forces, is a Latin setting from the Aeneid. In the four-part Nisus e Euryalus, narrated by a tenor as Vergil, Mazzocchi prescribes ancient Greek microtonal tuning to lend further spine-chilling eeriness to an already macabre final lament by the mother of the dead Euryalus. Maddalena Errante  is an extended dramatic account of Mary Magdalene, Martha and Lazarus fleeing the Holy Land in a small boat after the Crucifixion. With these four remarkable works are exquisite Latin concerted motets and impressive sonatas for violins.
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