Atalante’s award-winning CDs of 17th-century Roman music
'Revelatory...a milestone...a more powerful and persuasive advocacy for these pieces could hardly be imagined'          Iain Fenlon, Early Music
ATALANTE Erin Headley, director
Enjoy a recently discovered cache of extravagant, sensual, ravishing, sublime, religiously ecstatic, supremely expressive music that has been lost for centuries. Music by Luigi Rossi, Giacomo Carissimi, Marco Marazzoli, Domenico Mazzocchi, Marc’Antonio Pasqualini, Alessandro Stradella.
Tears of Artemisia, Helen of Troy, Mary Magdalene, the     Blessed Virgin...passionate, sensual, macabre and erotic
A vivid account of St Catherine of Alexandria who endures     imprisonment and the killing wheel but dies by the sword
Narratives from the Aeneid, Nero and the Fire of Rome,     Armida and Zaida
I  Lamentarium II  Caro Sposo III  Mortale, che pensi?
CANTAR ALLA VIOLA Nadine Balbeisi, soprano Fernando Marin, viola da gamba
EACH LOVELY GRACE THE SECOND BOOKE OF AYRES, Some, to Sing and Play to the Base-Violl alone... With new Corantoes, Pavins, Almaines; also diverse Descants upon old Grounds, set to the Lyra-Violl. By William Corkine.
This music is truly lovely, focused and - perhaps most noticeably - reflects many moods...Nadine Balbeisi and Fernando Marín obviously have a great deal invested in the music, its emotional impact, the purposeful tension between text and music, at which we can safely say Corkine was expert.  MusicWeb INTERNATIONAL
Nadine Balbeisi and Fernando Marín perform with studied intelligence... Corkine’s music has been well realised.
Erin Headley's award-winning ensemble Atalante is named in honour of Leonardo da Vinci's friend and pupil Atalante Migliorotti, the lirone's inventor. In the 17th century the lirone was associated with the lament, a genre that first appeared during the generation of Monteverdi and reached its culmination in Rome. 
‘Breathtaking performances of delicious music’ Gramophone
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